The Challenge

Sometimes we think, I just can’t do that!  And sometimes it is true, yes, but sometimes we find we are stronger than we thought.

This morning, after dropping my two preschoolers off at school, I had to go get a blood draw.  In the past, I would have had someone watch my one-year old, but this morning, with the sun shining so beautifully, I was up for that challenge to go it alone!  So when we pulled in, there was not a single handicap space available.  Now, especially with a one-year old and a scooter, those larger spaces are quite helpful.  But, I had to take a regular space.   So I pulled into one that had an empty spot next to it.  I could get my scooter and then pull up right next to the van and get my daughter more easily.  Things are going well!  Afterwards, as we were heading back to the parking lot, I said a quick prayer that the spot next to my van was still open.  It would just be so much easier.  Well, we got out and no, there was a vehicle parked next to me, and quite close at that!  So I park the scooter behind my van, get my cane and the two of us make it to the door.  As I get her in her seat, it gives me a moment to laugh with her and praise God that we did it!  And of course, thank Him for being with us every step of the way.  I get her buckled up and then go put away the scooter and we head off….  And so I realize I can do it!  It’s funny how something can seem so daunting, but once you are ‘forced’ to do it, you realize it is not so bad after all.  I think my prayer was answered — God wanted me to realize that He is with me and I can do it with His help!   Those physical challenges are always popping up in my life.  But I think we also get spiritual challenges….things we think we just cannot handle.  But, as we go through it, we realize God is right there with us, carrying us through.   And when we get to the other side of the challenge, we can see with more clarity how God was indeed there all along!  It’s funny, sometimes I think we have trouble seeing, feeling His presence while we are in those tough moments, but when we make it through, it is so important to look back, see how He was with us and always thank Him for His goodness!  Because He is always seeing us through, He is always giving us the strength we need.  But sometimes He also gives us the weakness so that we can more fully turn to Him!  I think the beauty is in not having to wait until we are through…Are we seeing Him in whatever it is we are facing?


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