Wow!  Sometimes life just keeps you hoppin’!  And sometimes, it is not so much of a hop, skip or jump, as it is just getting by!  After our wonderful little get-away, my days have seemed so full.   I say “seemed” simply because they were not really full, but I struggled so much more to do anything and everything I did took so much longer that my days seemed full.     And what a great opportunity to just surrender.  To just give it all to God.  Every Sunday at mass,  when the gifts are presented,  I always say a prayer, “Lord, I lay my life down on your altar; I place everything at the foot of the cross.’. I say it week after week, but am I truly living it?  the prayer should start with ‘Help me to…’. Because I do need help with that!    As much as I try to just give it all to our loving Father, I falter, losing hope, wondering ‘why’, and fears creep in…if I am getting this much worse already, how much worse is it going to get!?   Good Friday services are really special to me.  My favorite part has always been the veneration of the cross.  Something about walking to Jesus on the cross, being able to kiss him.  Yes, I can do that at home, but it is really awesome to see hundreds of people doing it– walking just to honor Jesus, whether it be to genuflect, to touch, to kiss, to bow…  And this past Friday, I had to take that walk.  Now, I slowed the line down quite a bit, but I had to do it…I just had to walk up to that cross.  I just had to kiss Jesus, thank Him, honor Him, love Him.   He walked a much tougher walk, surely I can walk this short distance.  I needed to just completely surrender and allow Jesus to take over.    I needed that Good Friday experience.  I needed that reminder.  Perhaps I shouldn’t just wait for Good Friday.   Maybe I could make it a point to surrender every day.  I have crucifixes throughout my home.  Maybe it is time I paused and prayed before them, rather than going past without a thought.  Maybe that is the reminder that is there, day after day, that I do not even realize.   Once again, there are signs of God’s love all around us; we have to open our eyes!


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