Slamming into the wall of reality …

Last week was a tough one.   It was one reality check after another.  First, the process to get a new wheelchair, excuse me, powerchair, is quite intense.  Not what I expected or was prepared for at all.   So, to sum it up…they look not only at how far gone you currently are (inabilities in standing, walking, transferring, etc.), but what they expect them to be in the (perhaps near) future!  See, chairs are made just for your height, weight and disability!  So after meeting with the gentleman for almost 2 hours, I guess it hit me … This is not going away.  This may get considerably worse.   Deep breath.

Ok, I can handle this.  I can focus on the cool new chair and what I will be able to do with it!  Wait.  What will I do with it other than zoom around the house?

Enter God’s amazing blessings.  And maybe a bit more of reality.

A friend of mine went to see someone at our church to find out if they knew of any handymen who might be able to help with putting a ramp on my front porch.  Well, that opened a huge door.  I had a wonderful woman (one I have always admired for her selfless works) come to my home and have a look at my home and what else may be needed.  So that meant I had to admit that, yes, I need safety bars in the bathroom because without them, falling is a regular thing.  And crawling out of the shower just gets old.  That’s a time you want to feel good.  Refreshed.  Ready to face the day.   But it meant facing the question of, ‘are safety bars enough? Do you need a ‘ride-in shower?’.   Deep breath.   ‘What about your back yard?   Can you really wheel around out there?’.  Whew.  The kitchen may soon need some changes too.

Ok, so my amazing husband came home to be with me for the  meeting about e wheelchair, but was not a part of the next meeting.  Well first, the power chair meeting was a huge dose of reality for him.   These chairs are not the generic ones that you can just pick up.   This would be custom made to my specifications.  (and the only ‘upgrade’ I asked about thinking it wasn’t a big deal, I found out is something very hard to get insurance to cover and the upgrade alone would add thousands of dollars to the cost.   Ok…I didn’t really need that…just being crazy with my thoughts!). But all the talk made my husband realize how severe this is.  I cannot imagine how hard it is on him.  And he has no one to really talk and share all this with.  He doesn’t have a lot of close friends and he isn’t one to really open up and talk much.   Thank God that he makes it a point to go to mass once in a while during the week!  And thank you, God, that he took this new job that he really enjoys!   God knew what was coming and just knew that he would need to draw his joy and peace to some extent in his job.


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