Sometimes you just gotta hang in there …

…and you will once again see God’s glory!!!  I probably should have seen it all along, yes, but I did know he was there, I just fell completely into human mode!

So, this morning, tears flowed freely.  I cried out to God that I just didn’t know if I could do it anymore.  Then a friend came and prayed with and for me.  Then my friend who needed prayers for her son stopped by to tell me that prayers are being heard and shared some good progress.  WOW!  God was with me the whole time and in my deepest despair, He was listening and as always, He was caring,    And now, I got a call and it was one of the people who entrusted their prayers to me! — I will get my prayer intention book again – she will see to it!   And in the meantime, she gave me the name and situation of someone in desperate need of prayer.  I have (this is how I view it!) a purpose for my struggles!    God is ALWAYS there!  Sometimes it gets hard to rest in that truth, but do try and know that the sun will shine again!!


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