Seeing my Guardian Angel … in the flesh!

What a day!  Where to start!??!…

Probably with I am so blessed.  So my sweet friend made sure I had a wheelchair this morning.  Before 9:00, I got a call letting me know my power chair was on its way.   And what an experience!  The gentleman delivering it was so gracious and kind, displaying a level of concern and care that made me feel God’s loving embrace.  I wasn’t just a disability, I was a human being who mattered!  He told me how his grandfather had struggled and before he passed away, he told his grandfather that he would work in this field and help people!  I know his Grandfather is smiling at his work!  He even asked about my old chair that died.  He wondered if I would mind if he took it and had a look at it.  Well of course not, it’s just in the way anyway!   Within the hour, I got a call from his company stating that my old chair is fixed!  It was just faulty wire!  They will exchange the chairs on Monday, as they couldn’t do it today.  But I can get around this weekend and my chair will be back on Monday!  And I will move forward in getting a new chair (my old chair is still just that–old!), but with no worries of being stranded with no way to get around…and no more holes in the knees of my pants!  My friend who got the rental chair for me is such a blessing.  The gentleman who brought it is a blessing.  They both did it to help me, nothing more.  They displayed, so lovingly, God’s love for us.  Perhaps it was just a hint, but wow!  If that is just a hint of God’s love for us, imagine–imagine–how greatly he loves us!  Imagine if we all just gave each other even a hint of God’s great love!  Funny, last night, the older kids and I watched the movie Amazing Love.  It’s the story of Hosea.  And today I got to feel and experience just a touch of that amazing love!  



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