“We have work to do …”

The disciples of Jesus knew what they had to do after Jesus’ ascension and they did just that, even (all but one) dying a martyr’s death.  Are we doing what we should be doing?

So, you may have guessed — I saw “Son of God” today at the theater.   A friend of mine was going, and you know a dear friend when you can invite yourself into their day and be welcomed with loving arms and heart!  

The movie really struck me in many ways.  When Jesus challenged those with stones to consider their own lives … who among us has not sinned?  And yet, how often do we cast that stone?  Even if just in thought.  And I think of Peter, seeing Jesus walking on the water in the storm, would my faith be strong enough to keep me afloat?  Or when Jesus faced the hardest, most lonely times, even Peter, the rock on whom Jesus would build His church, denied him three times.   I so often convince myself I could never deny Jesus.   But how often do I?   Today I want to focus on really examining what areas I so easily overlook, where I am, in fact, denying Jesus.  I wonder if I ever will truly recognize all those times?  


One thought on ““We have work to do …”

  1. I love this thought! I can think of times right now that I have denied Jesus. Especially in the days where I had my Christian friends and my non Christian friends. In an effort to not offend my non Christian friends I would hold back my true feelings about my faith! Oh the things we do, thinking we are doing good, yet we are not really doing what God called us to do.

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