So today must be our day to discuss prayer….

But shouldn’t every day be?!

As I was putting down our little girl for her nap, I questioned whether I would be able to walk those 6 steps from my wheelchair to her crib.  That is not unusual; it’s never an easy feat.   I lean against the wall and just pray I can get her there.  And I always do!   God is so good.

So I remember when my legs first really stopped working for me.  I would literally be crawling around the house, crying, asking God “WHY?”   Then after a while, I realized just how much I was missing …  I hear friends’ situations, how much they are in need of prayers all the time.  So I began making a point of asking friends to share their prayer intentions.  I started my prayer binder for my nightly prayers, but I also took note of the “serious issue” intentions.  So when the pain was too intense, or my legs just wanted to quit, my cries changed from asking ‘why’ to praying for those intentions of my friends.

So those tough moments throughout the day can always be viewed differently.   If  you take the struggles and view them as times to pray for those special intentions, it is amazing how much easier it is to bear it.


One thought on “So today must be our day to discuss prayer….

  1. Jacquelyne says:

    How amazing to be able to look outside of yourself in times of agony. To be able to choose to think of others and to unite your pain with their intentions is nothing short of amazing, Jennifer. You are such a faithful servant! (and an outstanding example – thank you!)

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